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About us

Pegi Sh.p.k. started its activity in the printing and publishing sector in 1994. It was founded with the purpose of creating a real connection between people and knowledge. Pegi intensified its efforts in the textbook publishing starting from 2005, when this sector was liberalized by the Albanian government.

In 2011, the publishing department was formally separated from the parent company, which remained specialized in printing services. Botime Pegi was established as a publishing company and it is today one of the most active publishing houses in the textbook segment, growing rapidly also in the trade publishing sector. With ca. 120 school titles, Botime Pegi Publishing is the largest school publisher in Albania. Also, our trade publishing catalogue (literary and non-literary) counts more than 300 titles and it keeps growing. All our titles are present in libraries and bookstores all over Albania.

Our reputation is based on the quality of our textbooks, that remain some of the most preferred titles by teachers and educational institutions in Albania. We are especially proud to have built one of the strongest teams in the Albanian publishing space: more than 30 years of accumulated experience and over 400 published titles.

Botime Pegi is characterized by:

  • a wide distribution network;
  • excellent reputation and renowned brand;
  • a strong team.

In 2014, we were awarded with the “Golden Bee” prize, in the “Belles Lettres” category, for our efforts and dedication to the publishing space in Albania. Other relevant awards include:

  • Best translation of the year in Albania (2017) for “Armëpushimi” (La tregua) by P. Levi, translated from Italian by Aida Baro;
  • Best translation of the year in Albania (2014) for “Jane Eyre” by C. Brontë, translated from English by Alina Karaulli;
  • Best translation of the year in Kosovo (2013) for “Die Gefrorene Zeit” by A. Kim, translated from German by Afrim Koçi;
  • “Silver Pen” award as the best debut writer (2012) for Darien Levan with “Poetët bëjnë dashuri ndryshe“;
  • Best Children’s Book (2012) for “Pas festës së Abetares” by Gaqo Bushaka.

Thanks to the quality of our work, we have been financially supported and valued by several international and national institutions, such as: the Italian Culture Institute, Traduki, Albanian Ministry of Culture, Centre National du Livre, Dutch Foundation for Literature, Literature Ireland, Canada Council for the Arts, EACEA etc.

Botime Pegi

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Pegi Printing has been well known since 1994, when it started its printing activity thanks to a small investment in a one-colour sheet-fed offset. Since the beginning of its activity, Pegi’s mission has been to deliver the best quality products to its clients on time and according to requirements. In order to fulfill this mission, Pegi has invested significantly in modern technology.

For example, Pegi was the first company in Albania to invest in computer-to-plate machinery in 2006. In 2010, Pegi Printing was the first printing company in Albania to invest in an 8-colour sheet-fed offset machinery. Thanks to its efforts, Pegi has been elected as the preferred printing partner from various private and public institutions in Albania, including the Albanian Government, Tirana City-hall, UNHCR, UNICEF, British Council and Coca-Cola.

Thanks to its efforts, in 2005 Pegi was praised with the “Century International Gold Quality Era Award” from the Century Quality Era Award Foundation.

Contact us

Publishing house

Arlinda Rrushi

Address: Rr. Elbasanit, Pall. Filipeu 2, Tiranë

 Name: Arlinda Rrushi

 Title: School books Coordinator

 Mob: +355 (0) 69 400 75 02

 Mail: arlinda.rrushi@botimepegi.al

Enisa Nanaj

Address: Rr. Elbasanit, Pall. Filipeu 2, Tiranë

 Name: Enisa Nanaj

 Title: Marketing and sales

 Mob: +355 (0) 69 607 7814

 Mail: enisa.nanaj@botimepegi.al

Printing house

Dhurata Bezhani

Address: Lundër, Tiranë (Përballë “Blur”-it)

 Name: Dhurata Bezhani

 Title: Managing Director

 Mob: +355 (0) 69 400 7501

 Mail: shtypshkronjapegi@yahoo.com

Perparim Rustemi

Address: Lundër, Tiranë (Përballë “Blur”-it)

 Name: Perparim Rustemi

 Title: Marketing and sales

 Mob: +355 (0) 69 202 6773

 Mail: perparim.rustemi@botimepegi.al

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