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Daniel Pennac, for the first time in Albanian

This is the first book of the series “La Saga Malaussène”, that tells the story of Benjamin Malaussène, a scapegoat, and his family in Belleville, Paris. It is also the first book from Daniel Pennac translated into Albanian.

Parajsa e gogoleve - Botime Pegi

Parajsa e gogoleve – Botime Pegi

His title is Quality Controller, but Benjamin’s function at The Store is scapegoat for the rage of the customers. So sweet is his nature, so pathetic and eloquent his contrition, that most indignant victims withdraw their complaints. But there is also the matter of the bombs that keep exploding not far from where Benjamin is standing. Naturally, he becomes the prime suspect, even as he and his journalist girlfriend, Julie, have begun to unearth an even deeper mystery, a sinister and sordid conspiracy whose unraveling wilt expose yet one more seam in the dark heart behind the beguiling veneer of contemporary Paris. Daniel Pennac’s novels of life in the Belleville Arab quarter, which began with The Scapegoat, are as funny as Damon Runyon’s stories, as thrilling as Raymond Chandler’s novels and as wild as the best of Carl Hiaasen. Pennac has struck just the right balance.This book, translated in more than 20 languages worldwide, is the first of the Malaussene Saga. With an evaluation of more than 4 points from reviewers, it has become a classic for all French literature lovers.

Daniel Pennac was born in Casablanca in 1944 in a French military family, and was raised in Africa and South-East Asia. He eventually became a French Literature teacher in Nice, in the South of France, and began writing children’s books with Cabot Caboche, published in 1982.
The idea to write thrillers came to him during a trip to Brazil. His first Malaussene novel came out 1985. Since then, Pennac has become a best-selling author and French literary phenomenon.

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