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The Tools

Mjetet - Botime Pegi

Mjetet – Botime Pegi

Published in 35 countries, this book is a revolution with respect to any other self-help method.

In many countries around the world, “The Tools” has become an instant bestseller. This book gives a solution to the biggest problem that psychotherapy patients have: endless waiting for the change to begin.

Conventional therapy tends to be passive and focuses on the past. But patients needed help and relief in the present and all the insights in the world weren’t going to be powerful enough to deliver that. To control your actions you need something else: a specific procedure you can use systematically to combat a specific problem — you need a tool.

There’s an obvious objection that arises here: Isn’t what you’re doing superficial? Sure, these tools of yours may help a patient change his or her behavior but you haven’t addressed the underlying reasons. Unless you do that they’re bound to go back to their (self-) destructive ways sooner or later.

There are two answers to this objection. The first involves a misunderstanding of how people change. Insight into the “reasons” for a problem isn’t the cause of change – it’s the result. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous have always known this. You don’t join AA and then sit around discussing why you drink too much over a few beers or vodka martinis. You join to stop drinking one day at a time. Only after that can you look into the roots of your addiction by “taking inventory.”

The second answer goes back to our original question about what a tool is. There has been a bias in psychotherapy implying that anything that is active and involves your will is superficial; as if the deepest part of human experience can only occur inside your head. The truth is the opposite; the deepest part of human experience happens when you interact with the world outside yourself. That means you need to go beyond thinking and into “doing”—and this is exactly what a tool makes possible.

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